Certification Bodies
Online Portal


Certification Bodies Online Portal is a free and user friendly web portal for all certification bodies recognized by JAKIM would be able to assist Halal certification bodies in managing and keeping their data safe in the high-end database. This portal is developed after receiving feedbacks from certification bodies requiring assistance in safe-guarding the data they have received from certified companies.

System Users


Administrator responsible to manage halal certification information, manage halal certification application of user product, user premise and user abattoir and manage halal certification renewal request by user.


User allows to register their company information, apply for halal certification of product, premise and abattoir, monitor halal certification status, manage halal export information.

System Modules

CB Portal has basically two types of users which are Administrator and Client. Each of them have their specified work to perform. System modules mentioned below will be explained in more details :




1. Manage Company Information

2. Manage Product/ Premise/ Abattoir Information

3. Manage Report

4. Manage Halal Certificate Application

5. Manage User Activity

6. Manage User Details

7. Manage Product and Premise Category

8. Manage Halal Export

9. Manage News and Announcement

10. Manage System Appearance

11. Manage Account Settings

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