Serunai Commerce was formed as a commercial venture in 2009 and we've since grown to become a truly global business. Our ambition is to make a contribution to the economy and society in which we operate.

Serunai Commerce via its world first Global Halal Data Pool (GHDP) a centralised online hub, is set to serve millions of buyers and suppliers around the world. Through GHDP, SMEs particularly can trade and sell their products to companies in other countries with ease using.

On 26 May 2017, with the support and collaboration with JAKIM, Serunai Commerce launched Verify Halal App. The App is designed to empower consumers and retailers with the ability to instantly verify the Halal accreditation of the product by a simple scan of the barcode via their smartphone cameras. This empowering tool fuel consumer confidence, reduce the spread of disinformation on the integrity of Halal accreditation and most importantly increase the transparency and standing of Halal.

Our vision is to enable both accredited local and international buyers and suppliers with Halal products and services to introduce their company to the global marketplace. The idea to create a data pool for halal businesses was driven by the increased demand locally and internationally for such products. With this initiative, small enterprises will leverage with the growing technology to compete more effectively in the domestic and global economies.

We believe in developing products and services that liberate, connect and protect. We aspire to positively contribute to the social and business communities by keeping resolutely to our operating principles of:

Building Value Trough Connectivity

We develop and invest into products and services that will add value to the global community and enable economies & markets to connect seamlessly.


Liberal Minds = Innovative Minds

We believe in our employees, their capability and their potential for innovation. We empower and encourage them to act and think free from the proverbial box and fundamentally we explore and invest into feasible concepts and ideas that they develop.


Business with Integrity

We adhere to the strictest principles of ethical business that provides the foundation for our business culture and underscores our commitment to performance with integrity. It is the basis that will uphold our core values such as our commitment to our employees, standards for doing business, and our relationship with our communities.

We are committed to the highest standards of business conduct in our relationships with each of our stakeholders, including our customers and business partners. This commitment requires that we conduct our business in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations across the market that we operate in.